Canadian Citizen/U.S. Resident Green Card Holder - plans to return to Canada for Retirement

Executives and professionals traverse the Canada/U.S. border to pursue career opportunities. This can sometimes lead to having their investment assets scattered between varying plans, firms and advisors. The case study below illustrates how the Private Client Division of Raymond James (USA) Ltd. has helped.

The Background

Margaret is a former “C-Suite” executive who spent the later part of her career in the U.S. She continues to serve on corporate boards in U.S. and Canada. She maintains her residence in the U.S. for tax purposes.

Margaret built a sizeable investment account and receives compensation in the form of DSUs from the boards she serves on. Her investment assets are held with a Canadian advisor and her other accounts are with a U.S. advisor. Annuities, pensions and other assets are held separately.

The Issue

Margaret did a good job of accumulating assets over the years; however, with her assets being held at many financial institutions both in Canada and the U.S., she could not determine if she had enough to retire completely and maintain their current lifestyle.

Margaret wanted to consolidate her investment assets as she had difficulty assessing progress towards her financial goals with no cohesive plan in place.

The Solution

Her Raymond James financial advisors are licensed both in Canada and the U.S. through Raymond James (USA) Ltd. They understand the issues particular to individuals who have assets on both sides of the Canada/U.S. border. Her Raymond James (USA) Ltd. advisor is able to consolidate her North America wide holdings and create a disciplined investment strategy and financial plan to help her achieve clarity around her financial goals. With the multi-currency platform, Margaret is able to retain Canadian cash and assets in Canadian currency. With specialized reporting capabilities, her Raymond James (USA) Ltd. advisors are even able to track her DSUs. Working together with her tax and legal advisors, they are working on forecasts, strategies and planning to repatriate her to Canada.

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